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Hybrid Conference – The Best of Both Worlds

Work and collaborate better with our in house Conferencing technology. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, adaptation is key to thriving. One of the most significant shifts we’ve seen in recent times is the rise of hybrid meetings. Combining the best of both worlds, virtual and in-person gatherings, hybrid meetings offer a plethora of advantages that can revolutionize the way you conduct training and conferences.

Karstens pioneered video conferencing in Australia back in 2006, offering a revolutionary way for different parties to convene either in our venues or remotely from home. This innovative approach was particularly popular among law firms and international participants at the time.

Fast forward to the present day, with remote work becoming increasingly prevalent and after the Covid pandemic, virtual meetings and conferences have become not just convenient but essential.

The beauty of virtual attendance is that participants can join from the comfort of their homes, ensuring flexibility and accessibility. For event organizers, it provides assurance that attendees can easily switch to remote participation if needed.

We understand that cost can be a deterrent to including virtual options. That’s why at Karstens, we’ve tailored a solution that offers affordability without compromising quality.

To help lower costs, you can utilize your own presenter’s laptop and virtual platform (Zoom/Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business), although we’re happy to provide assistance if required.

Option 1: Hybrid Standard (small)
Ideal for groups of up to 12 people meeting face-to-face, with unlimited virtual participants. Includes Logitech “eye ball” camera which includes microphone, and speaker connected to the presenter’s laptop. Presenter’s laptop connects to an in-room data projector or LCD screen via HDMI. Camera is positioned to face the presenter.

Option 2: Hybrid Standard
Designed for larger groups ranging from 13 to 80 people meeting face-to-face, with unlimited virtual participants. Includes Logitech camera and speaker connected to the presenter’s laptop, along with a wireless noise-cancelling microphone. Presenter’s laptop connects to an in-room data projector or LCD screen via HDMI. Camera faces the presenter.

Option 3: Hybrid Interactive
As above with the addition of an LCD screen and camera at the back of the room allowing both face-to-face participants and the presenter to see virtual attendees.

Hybrid events offer the best of both worlds, combining the social interaction of in-person gatherings with the accessibility and flexibility of virtual platforms. With this approach, you can host a diverse range of content, engage in activities, and facilitate networking opportunities across both physical and virtual realms.



High-definition video enhances your connection

No one likes a blurry, pixelated video conference. Our HD video conferencing technology creates natural communication capabilities of up to 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps (1080p), with exceptional resolution even at lower bandwidths. This technology offers high-quality resolution that gives you the ability to see facial expressions, body language and gestures, allowing you to connect naturally and effortlessly.


High-definition audio ensures that no words are missed

Never miss a word again. Our Logitech HD voice and technology deliver crystal clear audio that makes you feel like everyone’s in the same room, even when you might be on the other side of the world. Hear every word and increase your team’s productivity.


High-definition content sharing enriches collaboration

Collaborate with ease. Logitech combined with Zoom/Teams/Webex collaboration technology allows users to share presentations and live videos simultaneously, allowing conference participants to interact naturally and dynamically.


More secure meetings

Our Wi-Fi and Zoom have end-to-end encryption, role-based user security, password protection, waiting rooms and the ability to place attendees on hold. This provides peace of mind and helps you to focus on the meeting, not on compromising your data.



Customize your hybrid meeting or conference with our versatile services. Whether you’re organizing a Zoom session or need specific technology like Webex, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our in-house technical assistance is always ready to help. Enhance your event with our flexible seating layouts, state-of-the-art audio/visual setups, and a selection of gourmet catering options. Expecting changes in attendance? No problem. Easily adjust your booking to a smaller or larger room, accommodating any changes in attendee fluctuations (T&C’s apply).


Comfort and space

All Karstens venues provide rooms with natural daylight, comfortable breakout areas, free Wi-Fi, Nespresso coffee and a selection of premium teas. This provides the perfect environment to relax, refresh and network.


Gourmet in-house catering

We strongly believe in quality over quantity, especially when it comes to food. That’s why we offer a full gourmet in-house catering experience with a variety of healthy menu options.


Central CBD locations with on-site parking

All of our venues are conveniently located right in the heart of the CBD, close to hotels, cafes, restaurants, shopping and public transport. Each of our venues also offer ample on-site parking (or parking close by) to ensure that your attendees always have an easy arrival and departure.


Fully renovated, modern and high-tech

Our venues provide a truly modern and executive space fully equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure. This includes comfortable eight-hour chairs, free Wi-Fi and a fast fibre optic internet connection.


Dedicated point of contact

We offer a dedicated Conference Coordinator for all your bookings in Australia and New Zealand. Our coordinator ensures that each of your hybrid meeting or conference is managed seamlessly from start to finish. Rebooking or rolling out a road show is easy, as we can rebook your previous event or book the same event across all of our venues.


Easy booking process

Having to fill out, sign and scan lengthy Terms and Conditions forms is a thing of the past. Just click the link with your quote and fill out the confirmation form and your event is confirmed.


No deposit needed

Unlike other venues, we don’t require a deposit for bookings under $5,000.00. This saves you having to make two payments and obtain the required approvals — a convenient way to save you time and no need to organise payments before the event. Karstens invoices you after the event.


  • 01 Full HD, 1920 x 1080
  • 02 Multiple HD screens
  • 03 Point-to-point connection or multipoint connections
  • 04 HD pan-tilt-zoom camera
  • 05 Logitech HD equipment in all our venues
  • 06 Connect with multiple venues and participants
  • 07 Premium Ultra HD ConferenceCam
  • 08 Interface for video, audio and data-sharing
  • 09 Nespresso coffee
  • 10 Selection of premium teas and hot chocolate
  • 11 Natural light in all rooms
  • 12 Central CBD location close to public transport and parking
  • 13 Variety of room sizes
  • 14 Large breakout areas with comfortable seating
  • 15 Fast fibre optic Wi-Fi
  • 16 Water, mints, notepads and pens
  • 17 Technical support on site
  • 18 Moveable white board and markers
  • 19 Ergonomically designed 8-hour chairs
  • 20 Printing, photocopying, scanning, binding and shredding on request

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