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Karstens Hybrid Events – The best of both worlds

Karstens was one of the first Australian venues to offer video conferencing when opening its doors in 2006, where different parties could meet together either in one of our venues or from home. At the time this option was frequently used by law firms and overseas attendees.

Fast forward to now, with people working from home and the off/on stay at home recommendations for Flu and Covid, it makes sense to attend a meeting or conference virtually.

The advantage is that participants can still attend the meeting or conference from the comfort of their home and participate as required, for the booker it is an assurance that if people want to cancel or postpone their attendance they have the option to join remotely.

We are aware that often the cost of hiring equipment is a factor to not include the virtual option. At Karstens we have been able to offer a perfect solution at a low cost.

To assist with lowering the cost you can use your own presenters laptop and your virtual platform (Zoom/Microsoft teams/Skype for Business), of course Karstens can provide if needed.

Hybrid Meeting Interactive full day or half Day

The total package, includes

  • Logitech virtual web equipment, speaker & camera
  • 2nd LCD or data projector and camera to view in room attendees
  • Wireless microphone
  • Laptop
  • Fast Internet

Hybrid Meeting Standard full day or half day

  • Logitech virtual web equipment , speaker & camera
  • Wireless microphone
  • Fast Internet

Virtual web equipment Eye Ball full day or half day

  • Stand alone, for small meetings, 4-6 people seated board room style
  • Fast Internet


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