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Update: Karstens maximum participant numbers by State & Covid 19 measures in place

We open and close our venues following state orders when a lock down has been announced and follow relevant health directions. As every state is different we will update this information when a state government announces increases/decreases in the number of people allowed in our conference rooms. Please note that the maximum number includes the presenter or trainer. We hope this will assist you to start planning any future meetings and events.

Currently we understand that the below maximum number of people are allowed in our conference rooms (last update September 20, 2021):

  • Victoria, lock down till Friday November 5.
  • NSW, lock down till 70% have double dose of vaccine (open on October 4 or 11)
  • Queensland, 1 person per m2, facemasks compulsory
  • WA, no restrictions
  • SA, 3 people per m4, facemasks compulsory
  • NZ Auckland, lock down till Wednesday September 22
Maximum number
VictoriaLock down till Friday November 5Opening on November the 5th when 80% of population (> 16 years) has 2 doses of vaccine
NSWLock down till 70% of adult population has 2 doses of the vaccineLikely opening date either Monday October 11 or 18 (1 person per 4m2)
Queensland1 person per m2, facemasks compulsoryLargest room up to 90 pepole allowed
Western AustraliaNo restrictions
South Australia3 people per m4, facemasks compulsory
New Zealand Auckland lock down till Tuesday September 22 September 23, update to level 3

All karstens venues have now implemented the below measures for the states who still have Covid measures in place to ensure that our venues adhere to the guide lines as set out by the Federal and State governments:

  • 1.5 meter physical distancing in conference rooms and break out areas.
  • Provision of clearly visible signs for customers and staff stating how many people are allowed in each conference room and break out areas.
  • Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces regularly, including desks, lift buttons, door handles and any other touch points.
  • Ensure the highest hygiene practices among food handlers and operations staff.
  • Provide and promote sanitizers for use on entering our break out area and conference rooms.
  • When there are multiple groups on a conference floor we will ask presenters to stagger their breaks, so there are less people in the break out area.
  • All catering will be organised in such a way to minimize food handling for participants
  • All karstens staff completed the Covid 19 infection course and are asked to download the corona virus tracing app, we would recommend to have any of your participants to also ask to download the app.
  • All karstens staff have completed the corona virus Covid 19 infection control training, this is a free course and you can complete this by clicking the below link.

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