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IG Australia had a requirement to carry out business continuity testing for its Melbourne operation, based in Collins Street. IG runs a sophisticated system to protect its computing resources, but needed a location in the Melbourne CBD that could be used in the event that its Collins Street offices were unavailable for an extended period.
IG turned to Karstens Continuity for the supply of emergency offices. Karstens Continuity supplies emergency office facilities to its clients and provides the opportunity to carry out business continuity testing in the same facilities.
Mr Oliver Imre, Head of Business Development, commented; ”We found Karstens very responsive to our needs and were very helpful in arriving at an arrangement that suited us well. IG successfully completed its business continuity test at the Karstens facilities and we look forward to working with them in the future”.
IG Australia is part of IG Group Holdings Plc, a globally successful business that generates over $600M in revenue last year, is represented in 16 countries and has over 125,000 active clients. IG is Australia’s largest CFD and FX provider that uses very sophisticated technology to process over a million transactions per month. IG Australia company website can be found here.

Mr Oliver Imre, Head of Business Development


JHW started using the Karstens facilities for its Consulting Skills Workshops in 2007, and has now moved nearly all of its city based workshops to Karstens.  We have found that we have a partnership with Karstens, rather than the transactional nature of other training and conference facilities that we have used in the city.
The facilities are smart and well run as you would expect.  The premium for us is the co operation from the staff whether that is a last minute date or numbers change, storage space for materials between events or help in promoting our workshops.  Everybody these days talks about partnership — we feel that Karstens walk that talk!

John Williams, Director


MYOB began their business relationship with Karstens around November 2009.  At the time we were seeking a new training centre to relocate from our office at Southbank and to commence training in January 2010. Needless to say everything had to be in place in a very short time with Xmas being just around the corner as well.
Fiona and I organised the business processes very quickly and worked together to efficiently accommodate both parties with their policies and procedures.  We communicate frequently and resolve queries or issues very promptly and with no fuss, this has been the result of building a very natural rapport and created a fabulous working relationship.  The staff and management at Karstens have gone far and beyond their call of duty in their extra mile service of excellence, stock our manuals on their premises which save us huge courier costs, even supply us with monthly stock takes.
They have excellent quality with tea and coffee refreshments, very comfortable guest lounge areas and the environment is superb with their furnishings. The lunch menu caters for all choice and requirements, vegetarian menu, not to mention the buffet lunch which has been a huge success with our clients that were very impressed on the day.
Our trainers feel like they are treated with silver service by Andrew and Fiona on their training sessions. Our training room is all set up with the class collateral, Andrew, is brilliant and makes sure all our PC’s are loaded with the right image and everything is in order and working well before the trainer even arrives.
We are extremely fortunate and very grateful that we have managed to find such a great facility and the service is simply remarkable.

Stana Murrells, Training Administrator

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