Our Partners



Australian Institute of Training and Development
The Australian Institute of Training and Development is the leading Association for HR Professionals, L&D and training. Karstens is a silver sponsor for their National Conference for 2011 -2014 and hosts training events for AITD and their members.
AITD members receive a 10% discount on room hire, please mention your memebrship number when making an enquiry. For more information please click here.



Australian Institute of Information Technology
The Australian Information Industry association has represented the Australian Information and communication Technologies (ICT) industry that generates combined annual revenues of over $40 billion, employs 100,000 Australians and exports more than $2 billion. AIIA’s encompasses all sectors of the industry, from hardware and software services to multinational companies and local SMEs. AIIA offer regular networking events and information sessions sponsored by Karstens for AIIA members to share insights and discussions with peers.

Enterprise Java

Enterprise Java is an industry group dedicated to Enterprise Computing. Enterprise Java encourages collaboration and co-operation and is committed to assisting companies understand and develop skills in Java and other enterprise technologies. The Victorian Government supported the formation of Enterprise Java in 2002. Since then Enterprise Java has actively encouraged learning and collaboration in the Java space between enterprises, developers, vendors, universities and government. Karstens and Enterprise Java offer regular networking events and information sessions for Enterprise Java members which aim to share industry experiences in applying Java technologies in the enterprise.

Climate Alliance  
Climate Alliance is a not-for-profit, membership based organisation that engages with business leaders and communicates the opportunities and risks of climate change. Karstens and Climate Alliance offer regular events and information sessions for company directors where business leaders and directors can exchange experiences and ideas.  Climate Alliance focuses on the opportunities resulting from Climate Change, through practical, real-life examples of best practice in Australia and overseas. Click here for more information about Climate alliance.


Video Link International
Karstens has partnered with Video Link International to launch our video conference services. Karstens Venue’s can now connect with more than 2,500 public video conferencing facilities worldwide, it translates into a smarter way of working. Using the latest convenient Polycom technology we can bring multi parties together cost effectively and efficiently without the time and expense of travelling. Recently we arranged for 60 conference delegates in Melbourne and Sydney to be connected through these state of the art units.